Guest Information – Transport

There are various transport options available to you for getting out and about. If visiting from outside of Tasmania, your options include:

Car Hire

Your apartment has one off street parking space allocated, and there is free parking on the streets around the property. The Cottage has two off street parking spaces, but no parking on the street out the front. Car hire is a great option for visitors to the Hobart area, as it allows you the freedom and ease to travel as near or far as you like, whenever you like. Hobart roads are pretty simple to navigate, and ‘peak hour’ isn’t generally much of an event.

Local Bus Service

Metro Tasmania’s bus service is reasonably priced and very reliable. Timetables and routes are available on the Metro website – If you are staying in the Apartments, there is a bus stop on Clarence Street (at the northern end of Scott Street) about a 2 minute walk from your  apartment. The bus stop on the southern side of the road (closest to Blundstone Arena and the beach) travels towards Eastlands Shopping Centre and Hobart City. The bus stop on the northern side of Clarence Street will travel east along Clarence Street towards Shoreline Shopping Centre.

If you are staying tin the Cottage, there are bus stops along Cambridge Road within a minute’s walk. Buses on the same side of the road as the Cottage will take you away from the city, and buses on the opposite side of the road will take you to the city.

Buses run approximately every 10 minutes between 7 am and 7 pm, Monday to Friday. A route map and time table is available here. The following bus service numbers will run past your bus stop: 601, 605, 614, 615, 616, 624, 625, 634, 635, 646.

Bus services to other regions further afield are also available, with most operating from Hobart City.


There are a number of taxi companies in southern Tasmania. As a very rough guide, a fare from your apartment to Hobart city will cost around $20, and a fare to the airport will be around $40. For more up to date fare information, you may like to visit to calculate your fare. Kangaroo Bay Apartments address is 9 Scott Street, Bellerive – and Kangaroo Bay Cottage address is 85 Cambridge Road, Bellerive.

  • 131 008 Hobart – Phone: 131 008
  • Yellow Cabs – Phone: 131 924
  • 13cabs – Phone: 132 227


There is a lot to see and do just within walking distance! Events at Blundstone Arena, walking tracks around the picturesque foreshore, restaurants, take away food shops, playgrounds, shopping centre, beaches and even a bushland park. Other public transport options (buses and ferries) are also within easy walking distance.

Ferry Service

Depending on the time of year and on events at Blundstone Arena, ferries will operate between Bellerive Quay and Hobart City. This information was not available at the time of publication.