Guest Information – Check In & Check Out

Kangaroo Bay Apartments consist of:

  • four self contained two bedroom apartments accessed via the rear of 9 Scott Street in Bellerive,
  • one three bedroom apartment accessed via the building’s street front entrance on 9 Scott Street in Bellerive, and
  • one three bedroom cottage located at 85 Cambridge Road in Bellerive. Please note that this is 900m from the main apartment block.

Note that the ground floor consists of unrelated commercial office space.

Check In

Entry is available via SELF CHECK IN and the apartments and cottage offer 24 hour check in and access.

  • Access to your APARTMENT can be gained by retrieving your keys from the secure key box located outside the entry foyer in the car park at the rear of the block.
  • Access to the COTTAGE can be gained by retrieving your keys from the secure key box located outside the back door of the house.

Your apartment number and the code to access this secure key box will be advised to you prior to your arrival, either by email or text message. If you do not know this information by the day of your arrival, you can contact our property manager on 0428 899 354 or 0448 982 323.

Once you have the keys:

  • access to the two bedroom apartments (5, 6, 7 and 8) can be gained via the entry stairs and lift at the REAR of the building. From here you can take either the stairs or lift to your apartment – Apartments 5 and 6 are located on Level 1, and Apartments 7 and 8 are located on Level 2.
  • Access to the three bedroom apartment (4) can be gained via the FRONT entry stairs accessible from Scott Street.
  • Access to the Cottage can be gained by the back door in front of the car parking spaces.

Checking Out

On the day of your departure, and after you have removed your belongings from your accommodation, please lock the door using the snib inside the door, and leave the key on the kitchen bench inside your accommodation. When you close the door, it should lock itself. If leaving the apartments, you can then exit via the stairs or lift and the foyer door will also lock itself behind you. All our accommodation offers check out any time up until 10:00am on the day of your departure.

Please note that check out is entirely self service. If you do have any major troubles, our property manager is usually only a few minutes away.